Custom Electrical box plug and play solutions for your van. After a short questionnaire we will design the perfect electrical system for you, including wiring diagram and parts+material list. Everything will be delivered to your doorstep for DIY install or our experts at our van conversion shop in Monroe, WA will perform the install for you. 
Contact us now at and ELECTRIFY YOUR VANLIFE!



  • Ultra light & durable aluminum sheet metal build

  • Compact design that fits Sprinter, Promaster and Transit vans

  • Designed to fit around wheel well for extra space saving

  • Top of the line VICTRON components

  • Up to 600amp hours battery capacity

  • Up to 3000W inverter

  • Smart monitoring system

  • Pre-wired plug & play solution for 12V and 110V

  • Build to the highest safety standards

  • Each unit is 100% tested prior to shipping